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The Effect of PEG Crystallization on the Morphology of PEG-peptide Block Copolymers Containing Amyloid ¿ Peptide Fragments

DOI: 10.1002/macp.200700605 DOI Help

Authors: M.j. Krysmann (University of Reading) , E. Canetta (University of Surrey) , I. W. Hamley (Diamond Light Source; University of Reading)
Co-authored by industrial partner: No

Type: Journal Paper
Journal: Macromolecular Chemistry And Physics , VOL 209 (9) , PAGES 883-889

State: Published (Approved)
Published: March 2008

Abstract: Ordered nanostructures are observed in the melt and solid state for a series of three peptide/PEG conjugates containing fragments of amyloid ?-peptides. These are conjugated to PEG with ?=?3?300 g?·?mol?1 and a melting temperature Tm?=?45–50?°C. The morphology at room temperature is examined by AFM and POM. This shows spherulite formation for the weakly fibrillizing KLVFF-PEG sample but fibril formation for FFKLVFF-PEG. The fibrillization tendency of the latter is enhanced by multiple phenylalanine residues. Simultaneous SAXS and WAXS was used to investigate the morphology as a function of temperature. The secondary structure is probed by FTIR

Journal Keywords: Anionic Surfactant; Block Copolymer; Complexation; Dynamic Light Scattering; Critical Micelle Concentration

Subject Areas: Chemistry, Materials

Instruments: NONE-No attached Diamond beamline

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