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Generation of maghemite nanocrystals from iron–sulfur centres

DOI: 10.1039/C9DT00514E DOI Help

Authors: Samya Banerjee (University of Warwick) , Andreas Omlor (Technische Universität Kaiserslautern) , Juliusz A. Wolny (Technische Universität Kaiserslautern) , Yisong Han (University of Warwick) , Frederik Lermyte (University of Warwick) , Amy E. Godfrey (University of Warwick) , Peter B. O'Connor (University of Warwick) , Volker Schünemann (University of Warwick) , Mohsen Danaie (Diamond Light Source) , Peter J. Sadler (University of Warwick)
Co-authored by industrial partner: No

Type: Journal Paper
Journal: Dalton Transactions , VOL 64

State: Published (Approved)
Published: April 2019
Diamond Proposal Number(s): 19373

Open Access Open Access

Abstract: Iron oxide nano-crystals 0.1–1.1 μm in diameter were generated on sulfur-doped amorphous carbon surfaces by electron beam irradiation of the novel 13e− high-spin complex [Fe(4-methyl-1,2-benzenedithiolate)2][NHEt3] encapsulated in a triblock copolymer. Possible relevance to iron nano-mineralization from Fe–S ferredoxin proteins and iron dysregulation in neurological disorders is discussed.

Diamond Keywords: Alzheimer's Disease

Subject Areas: Chemistry, Medicine

Diamond Offline Facilities: Electron Physical Sciences Imaging Centre (ePSIC)
Instruments: E01-JEM ARM 200CF

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Neurodegenerative Diseases Non-Communicable Diseases Molecular Complexes Health & Wellbeing Neurology Chemistry Inorganic Chemistry Life Sciences & Biotech

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Microscopy Electron Microscopy (EM) Scanning Transmission Electron Microscopy (STEM)