Performance and future development of the Diamond fast orbit feedback system

Authors: M. G. Abbott (Diamond Light Source) , J. A. Dobbing (Diamond, Diamond Light Source) , M. T. Heron (Diamond Light Source) , G. Rehm (Diamond Light Source) , I. S. Uzun (Diamond Light Source) , S. Duncan (Oxford University) , J. Rowland (Diamond Light Source)
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Type: Conference Paper
Conference: 11th European Particle Accelerator Conference (EPAC08)
Peer Reviewed: No

State: Published (Approved)
Published: June 2008

Abstract: The electron beam in the Diamond Synchrotron Light Source is stabilised in two planes using the Fast Orbit Feedback system. This feedback system takes the beam position from 168 Libera electron beam position monitors, for both planes, and calculates offsets to 336 corrector power supplies at a rate of ~10 kHz. The design and implementation will be summarised, and system performance and first operational experience presented. Current and potential future developments of the system will be considered.

Journal Keywords: Diamond Light Source ; Fast Orbit Feedback System

Subject Areas: Engineering, Physics

Technical Areas: Accelerator Physics , Controls , Diagnostics

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Physics Engineering & Technology

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