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An introduction to classical molecular dynamics simulation for experimental scattering users

DOI: 10.1107/S1600576719004333 DOI Help

Authors: Andrew R. Mccluskey (University of Bath; Diamond Light Source) , James Grant (University of Bath) , Adam R. Symington (University of Bath) , Tim Snow (Diamond Light Source; University of Bristol) , James Doutch (ISIS Facility) , Benjamin J. Morgan (University of Bath) , Stephen C. Parker (University of Bath) , Karen J. Edler (University of Bath)
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Type: Journal Paper
Journal: Journal Of Applied Crystallography , VOL 52 , PAGES 665-668

State: Published (Approved)
Published: June 2019

Open Access Open Access

Abstract: Classical molecular dynamics simulations are a common component of multi-modal analyses of scattering measurements, such as small-angle scattering and diffraction. Users of these experimental techniques often have no formal training in the theory and practice of molecular dynamics simulation, leading to the possibility of these simulations being treated as a `black box' analysis technique. This article describes an open educational resource (OER) designed to introduce classical molecular dynamics to users of scattering methods. This resource is available as a series of interactive web pages, which can be easily accessed by students, and as an open-source software repository, which can be freely copied, modified and redistributed by educators. The topics covered in this OER include classical atomistic modelling, parameterizing interatomic potentials, molecular dynamics simulations, typical sources of error and some of the approaches to using simulations in the analysis of scattering data.

Journal Keywords: open educational resources; classical simulation; multimodal analysis; scattering

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