Looking beyond the surface: use of High Resolution X-ray Computed Tomography on archaeobotanical remains

Authors: Charlene Murphy (UCL) , Dorian Q. Fuller (University College London) , Christopher John Stevens (University College London (UCL)) , Tom Gregory (UCL) , Fabio Silva (Bournemouth) , Rita Dal Martello (UCL) , Jixiang Song (Sichuan University) , Andrew Bodey (Diamond Light Source) , Christoph Rau (Diamond Light Source)
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Type: Journal Paper
Journal: Interdisciplina Archaeologica Natural Sciences In Archaeology

State: Published (Approved)
Published: June 2019
Diamond Proposal Number(s): 16061 , 18474

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Abstract: High Resolution X-Ray Computed Tomography (HRXCT) offers a powerful 3-dimensional, nondestructive and non-invasive diagnostic tool for imaging the external and internal structures of a range of specimens of interest including archaeobotanical remains. HRXCT offers new possibilities in terms of the research questions which may be asked of fragile and valuable archaeological and specifically archaeobotanical material. This technology, although currently somewhat limited in terms of time and access to beamtimes at National Synchrotrons, requires simple, non-destructive preparation of samples and produces exciting results. Based upon two rounds of successful work, we believe that this new methodology has wider implications and utility for advancing the field of imaging, and investigating aspects of plant domestication such as internal anatomical changes.

Journal Keywords: High-Resolution X-Ray Computed Tomography; Synchrotron; morphometrics; imaging; archaeobotany

Subject Areas: Archaeological and Cultural Heritage, Environment

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Instruments: I13-2-Diamond Manchester Imaging