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Influence of microstructure on the corrosion of archaeological iron observed using 3D synchrotron micro-tomography

DOI: 10.1016/j.corsci.2019.108132 DOI Help

Authors: H. J. Simon (UCL Institute of Archaeology; Diamond Light Source) , G. Cibin (Diamond Light Source) , C. Reinhard (Diamond Light Source) , Y. Liu ( , E. Schofield (The Mary Rose Trust) , I. C. Freestone (UCL Institute of Archaeology)
Co-authored by industrial partner: No

Type: Journal Paper
Journal: Corrosion Science

State: Published (Approved)
Published: August 2019
Diamond Proposal Number(s): 16863 , 16328

Abstract: A combination of X-ray analytical techniques has been used to study the microstructure and corrosion of a 450-year-old cast-iron cannonball fragment from the Mary Rose shipwreck. Using a 3D approach, it has been shown that akaganeite, β-FeO(OH, Cl), starts to appear ˜1.5 mm below the outer surface of the object, occurring selectively around non-contiguous graphite flakes in the microstructure, with no corrosion in graphite-free regions. This spatial analysis has given a new look inside a 450-year-old system, to see how metallographic features interact with local chemical environments to give complex corrosion products, centuries in the making.

Journal Keywords: Tomography; Cast iron; Graphite; Conservation; Archaeology; Mary Rose

Subject Areas: Archaeological and Cultural Heritage, Materials, Chemistry

Instruments: B18-Core EXAFS , I11-High Resolution Powder Diffraction , I12-JEEP: Joint Engineering, Environmental and Processing

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Cultural Heritage Humanities Physical Chemistry Chemistry Corrosion Materials Science Metallurgy

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Imaging Tomography