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Li2O:Li–Mn–O disordered rock‐salt nanocomposites as cathode prelithiation additives for high‐energy density Li‐ion batteries

DOI: 10.1002/aenm.201902788 DOI Help

Authors: Maria Diaz-Lopez (ISIS Facility; Diamond Light Source) , Philip A. Chater (Diamond Light Source) , Pierre Bordet (Institut Néel, CNRS) , Melanie Freire (SAFT; Crismat, CNRS, Unicaen, Ensicaen, Normandie Université) , Christian Jordy (SAFT) , Oleg I. Lebedev (Crismat, CNRS, Unicaen, Ensicaen, Normandie Université) , Valerie Pralong (Crismat, CNRS, Unicaen, Ensicaen, Normandie Université)
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Type: Journal Paper
Journal: Advanced Energy Materials , VOL 142

State: Published (Approved)
Published: January 2020
Diamond Proposal Number(s): 20893

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Abstract: The irreversible loss of lithium from the cathode material during the first cycles of rechargeable Li‐ion batteries notably reduces the overall cell capacity. Here, a new family of sacrificial cathode additives based on Li2O:Li2/3Mn1/3O5/6 composites synthesized by mechanochemical alloying is reported. These nanocomposites display record (but irreversible) capacities within the Li–Mn–O systems studied, of up to 1157 mAh g−1, which represents an increase of over 300% of the originally reported capacity in Li2/3Mn1/3O5/6 disordered rock salts. Such a high irreversible capacity is achieved by the reaction between Li2O and Li2/3Mn1/3O5/6 during the first charge, where electrochemically active Li2O acts as a Li+ donor. A 13% increase of the LiFePO4 and LiCoO2 first charge gravimetric capacities is demonstrated by the addition of only 2 wt% of the nanosized composite in the cathode mixture. This result shows the great potential of these newly discovered sacrificial additives to counteract initial losses of Li+ ions and improve battery performance.

Journal Keywords: cation‐disordered rock salts; initial capacity losses; Li4Mn2O5; lithium batteries; sacrificials

Diamond Keywords: Batteries; Lithium-ion

Subject Areas: Materials, Chemistry, Energy

Instruments: I15-1-X-ray Pair Distribution Function (XPDF)

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