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Three-dimensional electronic structure in ferromagnetic Fe3Sn2 with breathing kagome bilayers

DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevB.101.161114 DOI Help

Authors: Hiroaki Tanaka (University of Tokyo) , Yuita Fujisawa (Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University) , Kenta Kuroda (University of Tokyo) , Ryo Noguchi (University of Tokyo) , Shunsuke Sakuragi (University of Tokyo) , Cedric Bareille (University of Tokyo) , Barnaby Smith (Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University) , Cephise Cacho (Diamond Light Source) , Sung Won Jung (Diamond Light Source) , Takayuki Muro (Japan Synchrotron Radiation Research Institute (JASRI)) , Yoshinori Okada (Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University) , Takeshi Kondo (University of Tokyo)
Co-authored by industrial partner: No

Type: Journal Paper
Journal: Physical Review B , VOL 101

State: Published (Approved)
Published: April 2020
Diamond Proposal Number(s): 24488

Abstract: A large anomalous Hall effect (AHE) has been observed in ferromagnetic Fe 3 Sn 2 with breathing kagome bilayers. To understand the underlying mechanism for this, we investigate the electronic structure of Fe 3 Sn 2 by angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy (ARPES). In particular, we use both vacuum ultraviolet light (VUV) and soft x ray (SX), which allow surface-sensitive and relatively bulk-sensitive measurements, respectively, and distinguish bulk states from surface states, which should be unlikely related to the AHE. While VUV-ARPES observes two-dimensional bands mostly due to surface states, SX-ARPES reveals three-dimensional band dispersions with a periodicity of the rhombohedral unit cell in the bulk. Our data show a good consistency with a theoretical calculation based on density functional theory, suggesting a possibility that Fe 3 Sn 2 is a magnetic Weyl semimetal.

Journal Keywords: Anomalous Hall effect; Bilayers; Electronic structure; Topological materials; Ferromagnets; Angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy

Diamond Keywords: Ferromagnetism

Subject Areas: Materials, Physics

Instruments: I05-ARPES

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Quantum Materials Physics Hard condensed matter - structures Magnetism Materials Science

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Spectroscopy Angle Resolved Photoemission Spectroscopy (ARPES)