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Implementing Odin as a control and data acquisition framework for Eiger detectors

DOI: 10.18429/JACoW-ICALEPCS2019-THBPP05 DOI Help

Authors: G. D. Yendell (Diamond Light Source) , U. Pedersen (Diamond Light Source) , M. Taylor (Diamond Light Source) , Timothy Nicholls (STFC/RAL) , A. Neaves (STFC/RAL) , A. Greer (OSL)
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Type: Conference Paper
Conference: ICALEPCS2019
Peer Reviewed: No

State: Published (Approved)
Published: October 2019

Open Access Open Access

Abstract: The increasing data throughput of modern detectors is a growing challenge for back-end data acquisition systems. OdinData provides a scalable framework for data acquisition used by multiple beamlines at Diamond Light Source (DLS). While it can be implemented standalone, OdinControl is used to provide a convenient interface to OdinData. Eiger detectors at DLS were initially integrated into the Odin framework specifically for the data acquisition capability, but the addition of detector control provides a more coherent and easily deployable system. OdinControl provides a generic HTTP API as a single point of control for various devices and applications. Adapters can abstract the low-level control of a detector into a consistent API, making it easier for high-level applications to support different types of detector. This paper sets out the design and development of Odin as a control system agnostic interface to integrate Eiger detectors into EPICS beamline control systems at DLS, as well as the current status of operation.

Subject Areas: Technique Development

Technical Areas: Data acquisition , Detectors

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