A Proposed New Light Source Facility for the UK

Authors: R. P. Walker (Diamond Light Source) , R. Bartolini (Diamond Light Source) , C. Christou (Diamond Light Source) , J-h. Han (Diamond Light Source) , J. Kay (Diamond Light Source) , G. Rehm (Diamond Light Source) , J. Rowland (Diamond Light Source) , D. Angal-kalinin (ASTeC) , J. A. Clarke (ASTeC) , D. J. Dunning (Cockcroft Institute) , A. R. Goulden (Cockcroft Institute) , F. Jackson (ASTeC) , S. P. Jamison (Cockcroft Institute) , J. K. Jones (ASTeC) , K. B. Marinov (Cockcroft Institute) , P. A. Mcintosh (Cockcroft Institute) , J. Mckenzie (Cockcroft Institute) , B. L. Militsyn (Cockcroft Institute) , A. J. Moss (Cockcroft Institute) , I. P. Martin (Diamond Light Source)
Co-authored by industrial partner: No

Type: Conference Paper
Conference: Particle Accelerator Conference 2009 (Vancouver)
Peer Reviewed: No

State: Published (Approved)
Published: May 2009

Abstract: The New Light Source (NLS) project was launched in April 2008 by the UK Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC) to consider the scientific case and develop a conceptual design for a possible next generation light source based on a combination of advanced conventional laser and free-electron laser sources. Following a series of workshops and a period of scientific consultation, the science case was approved in October 2008 and the go-ahead given to continue the project to the design stage. In November the decision was taken that the facility will be based on cw superconducting technology in order to provide the best match to the scientific objectives. In this paper we present the source requirements, both for baseline operation and with possible upgrades, and the current status of the design of the accelerator driver and free-electron laser sources to meet those requirements.

Subject Areas: Technique Development

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