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Fixed target serial data collection at Diamond Light Source

DOI: 10.3791/62200 DOI Help

Authors: Sam Horrell (Diamond Light Source) , Danny Axford (Diamond Light Source) , Nicholas E. Devenish (Diamond Light Source) , Ali Ebrahim (Diamond Light Source) , Michael A. Hough (University of Essex) , Darren A. Sherrell (Diamond Light Source; Argonne National Laboratory) , Selina L. S. Storm (Diamond Light Source; European Molecular Biology Laboratory) , Ivo Tews (University of Southampton) , Jonathan A. R. Worrall (University of Essex) , Robin L. Owen (Diamond Light Source)
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Type: Journal Paper
Journal: Journal Of Visualized Experiments

State: Published (Approved)
Published: February 2021

Open Access Open Access

Abstract: Serial data collection is a relatively new technique for synchrotron users. A user manual for fixed target data collection at I24, Diamond Light Source is presented with detailed step-by-step instructions, figures, and videos for smooth data collection.

Subject Areas: Technique Development

Technical Areas: Data acquisition

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Information & Communication Technologies Data processing

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