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Towards a neutron and X-ray reflectometry environment for the study of solid–liquid interfaces under shear

DOI: 10.1038/s41598-021-89189-1 DOI Help

Authors: Alexander J. Armstrong (University of Cambridge) , Thomas M. Mccoy (University of Cambridge) , Rebecca J. L. Welbourn (University of Cambridge) , Robert Barker (University of Kent) , Jonathan L. Rawle (Diamond Light Source) , Beatrice Cattoz (Infineum UK Ltd) , Peter J. Dowding (Infineum UK Ltd) , Alexander F. Routh (University of Cambridge)
Co-authored by industrial partner: Yes

Type: Journal Paper
Journal: Scientific Reports , VOL 11

State: Published (Approved)
Published: May 2021
Diamond Proposal Number(s): 19763

Open Access Open Access

Abstract: A novel neutron and X-ray reflectometry sample environment is presented for the study of surface-active molecules at solid–liquid interfaces under shear. Neutron reflectometry was successfully used to characterise the iron oxide–dodecane interface at a shear rate of 7.0×102 7.0 × 10 2 s−1 s − 1 using a combination of conventional reflectometry theory coupled with the summation of reflected intensities to describe reflectivity from thicker films. Additionally, the structure adopted by glycerol monooleate (GMO), an Organic Friction Modifier, when adsorbed at the iron oxide–dodecane interface at a shear rate of 7.0×102 7.0 × 10 2 s−1 s − 1 was studied. It was found that GMO forms a surface layer that appears unaltered by the effect of shear, where the thickness of the GMO layer was found to be 24.3+9.9−10.2 24.3 − 10.2 + 9.9 Å under direct shear at 7.0×102 7.0 × 10 2 s−1 s − 1 and 25.8+4.4−5.2 25.8 − 5.2 + 4.4 Å when not directly under shear. Finally, a model to analyse X-ray reflectometry data collected with the sample environment is also described and applied to data collected at 3.0×103 3.0 × 10 3 s−1 s − 1 .

Journal Keywords: Characterization and analytical techniques; Surface assembly

Subject Areas: Chemistry, Technique Development

Instruments: I07-Surface & interface diffraction

Other Facilities: ZOOM at ISIS

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Surfaces Physics Physical Chemistry Technique Development - Chemistry Chemistry Organic Chemistry

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Diffraction X-ray Reflectivity (XRR)