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Interface dynamics of Pd–CeO2 single-atom catalysts during CO oxidation

DOI: 10.1038/s41929-021-00621-1 DOI Help

Authors: Valery Muravev (Eindhoven University of Technology) , Giulia Spezzati (Eindhoven University of Technology) , Ya-Qiong Su (Eindhoven University of Technology) , Alexander Parastaev (Eindhoven University of Technology) , Fu-Kuo Chiang (National Institute of Clean-and-Low-Carbon Energy, Shenhua NICE) , Alessandro Longo (European Synchrotron Radiation Facility; ISMN-CNR UOS di Palermo) , Carlos Escudero (ALBA Synchrotron Light Source) , Nikolay Kosinov (Eindhoven University of Technology) , Emiel J. M. Hensen (Eindhoven University of Technology)
Co-authored by industrial partner: No

Type: Journal Paper
Journal: Nature Catalysis , VOL 2

State: Published (Approved)
Published: June 2021
Diamond Proposal Number(s): 22225

Abstract: In recent years, noble metals atomically dispersed on solid oxide supports have become a frontier of heterogeneous catalysis. In pursuit of an ultimate atom efficiency, the stability of single-atom catalysts is pivotal. Here we compare two Pd/CeO2 single-atom catalysts that are active in low-temperature CO oxidation and display drastically different structural dynamics under the reaction conditions. These catalysts were obtained by conventional impregnation on hydrothermally synthesized CeO2 and one-step flame spray pyrolysis. The oxidized Pd atoms in the impregnated catalyst were prone to reduction and sintering during CO oxidation, whereas they remained intact on the surface of the Pd-doped CeO2 derived by flame spray pyrolysis. A detailed in situ characterization linked the stability of the Pd single atoms to the reducibility of the Pd–CeO2 interface and the extent of reverse oxygen spillover. To understand the chemical phenomena that underlie the metal–support interactions is crucial to the rational design of stable single-atom catalysts.

Journal Keywords: Heterogeneous catalysis; Nanoparticles

Subject Areas: Chemistry

Instruments: B18-Core EXAFS

Other Facilities: BM26A DUBBLE at ESRF; CIRCE at ALBA

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Automotive Physical Chemistry Catalysis Chemistry Engineering & Technology Nanoscience/Nanotechnology

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Spectroscopy X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy (XAS)