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Magnetism and spin transport at permalloy/Cu1-xTbx interfaces

DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevB.105.184421 DOI Help

Authors: Sheng Jiang (Southeast University (Nanjing); Northwestern Polytechnical University; Yangtze River Delta Research Institute of NPU) , Zhaocong Huang (Southeast University) , Qi An (Royal Holloway University of London) , Wen Zhang (Northwestern Polytechnical University) , Yuli Yin (Southeast University) , Dong Zhang (Southeast University (Nanjing)) , Jun Du (Nanjing University) , Biao You (Nanjing University) , Jian-Guo Zheng (University of California, Irvine) , Wenqing Liu (Royal Holloway University of London) , Ya Zhai (Southeast University (Nanjing); Nanjing University)
Co-authored by industrial partner: No

Type: Journal Paper
Journal: Physical Review B , VOL 105

State: Published (Approved)
Published: May 2022

Abstract: The significance of spin transport over an interface in energy-efficient spintronic devices has stimulated interest in the spintronic society during the last few decades. Here, interfaces of permalloy / Cu 1 − x Tb x (Py/Cu-Tb) were investigated in depth. As the Cu-Tb thickness increases, we found that the saturation magnetization of the bilayers falls and then plateaus. Element-specific x-ray magnetic circular dichroism studies suggest that the Tb moment aligns opposite to the Fe and Ni moments, forming a self-assembled antiferromagnetic interface. As a result, the Cu-Tb adjacent layer to Py and the interface have a significant impact on spin transport. Relevant parameters, such as spin mixing conductance, spin diffusion length, and damping, can be tuned by inserting a thin Cu layer between Py and Tb or varying the compositions of Cu-Tb alloys. Using rare-earth Tb, we provide an effective method for controlling the spin transport and magnetism of ferromagnet/normal-metal interfaces. This approach is expected to have a great deal of potential in spintronic applications.

Journal Keywords: Magnetism; Magnetization dynamics; Spintronics

Diamond Keywords: Spintronics; Data Storage

Subject Areas: Materials, Physics

Instruments: I10-Beamline for Advanced Dichroism - scattering

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Physics Electronics Components & Micro-systems Information & Communication Technologies Magnetism Materials Science

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Spectroscopy Circular Dichroism (CD) X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy (XAS) X-ray Magnetic Circular Dichroism (XMCD)