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An in situ liquid environment for synchrotron hard X-ray nanoprobe microscopy

DOI: 10.1080/09603409.2023.2213579 DOI Help

Authors: Gea T. Van De Kerkhof (Diamond Light Source; Johnson Matthey) , Jessica M. Walker (Diamond Light Source) , Surabhi Agrawal (University of Cambridge) , Stuart M. Clarke (University of Cambridge) , Mobbassar H. Sk (University of Cambridge) , Dominic J. Craske (The University of Manchester) , Robert Lindsay (The University of Manchester) , Michael Dowhyj (The University of Manchester) , Ayomide Osundare (The University of Manchester) , Manfred E. Schuster (Fritz-Haber Institut der Max-Planck Gesellschaft) , Julia E. Parker (Diamond Light Source)
Co-authored by industrial partner: Yes

Type: Journal Paper
Journal: Materials At High Temperatures

State: Published (Approved)
Published: May 2023
Diamond Proposal Number(s): 28835

Open Access Open Access

Abstract: Studying chemical reactions in an environment that closely mimics the system’s natural operating conditions can offer crucial insights into dynamic oxidation processes. Transmission Electron Microscopes (TEMs) and X-ray Nanoprobes allow the use of imaging and spectroscopy to access nanoscale chemical and structural information about these processes. However, the controlled operating conditions and constraints make the design and implementation of in situ sample environments challenging. Here, we outline the setup of an in situ liquid sample environment for the Hard X-ray Nanoprobe beamline (I14) at Diamond Light Source. The liquid environment allows for the imaging and spectroscopic analysis of samples exposed to liquid flow, with heating up to 80℃. The capability is demonstrated with an example experiment studying iron corrosion. The design of the sample cell offers the prospect of combining X-ray and electron microscopy for the in situ multi-length scale imaging and spectroscopy of samples in liquid.

Journal Keywords: In situ; TEM; X-ray; synchrotron; corrosion; liquid; dynamic; nanoprobe

Subject Areas: Technique Development, Chemistry, Materials

Instruments: I14-Hard X-ray Nanoprobe

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Physical Chemistry Technique Development - Chemistry Chemistry Corrosion Materials Science

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Diffraction Imaging Spectroscopy Phase Contrast Imaging X-ray Fluorescence (XRF) X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy (XAS) X-ray Absorption Near Edge Structure (XANES)