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Structural and morphological characterization of Mo coatings for high gradient accelerating structures

DOI: 10.1088/1742-6596/430/1/012091 DOI Help

Authors: Y. Xu (INFN-Laboratori Nazionali di Frascati; University of Science & Technology of China) , B. Spataro (INFN-Laboratori Nazionali di Frascati) , S. Sarti (University of Rome Sapienza) , V. A. Dolgashev (SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory) , S. Tantawi (SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory) , A. D. Yeremian (SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory) , Y. Higashi (KEK 1-1 Oho) , M. G. Grimaldi (University of Catania) , L. Romano (University of Catania) , F. Ruffino (University of Catania) , R. Parodi (INFN-Genova) , C. Caliendo (ISC-CNR) , An. Notargiacomo (Istituto di Fotonica e Nanotecnologie CNR) , G. Cibin (Diamond Light Source) , A. Marcelli (INFN-Laboratori Nazionali di Frascati; NSRL, University of Science and Technology of China)
Co-authored by industrial partner: No

Type: Conference Paper
Conference: 15th International Conference on X-ray Absorption Fine Structure (XAFS15)
Peer Reviewed: No

State: Published (Approved)
Published: April 2013

Abstract: A series of Mo coatings grown on Al2O3 and Cu were prepared via sputtering method. XAS experiments were performed at the Mo K edge to characterize the coating structure and the chemical status of Mo atoms. From the XANES analysis we recognized that all Mo coatings on Al2O3 have a slightly disordered structure with a negligible Mo oxide contribution. Moreover, the chemical state is that of the Mo metal with a negligible oxygen contribution. Compared with Cu based materials, molybdenum is an attractive material for accelerator components and a reliable option for RF linear accelerating structures to achieve high accelerating gradients and low breakdown rates, two fundamental parameters for the next generation of linear accelerators.

Journal Keywords: Absorption Spectroscopy; Aluminium Oxides; Chemical State; Coatings; Comparative Evaluations; Linear Accelerators; Molybdenum; Oxygen; Sputtering; X-Ray Spectroscopy

Subject Areas: Physics

Instruments: B18-Core EXAFS