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Single sublattice endotaxial phase separation driven by charge frustration in a complex oxide

DOI: 10.1021/ja403611s DOI Help

Authors: Antoine Demont (University of Liverpool) , Ruth Sayers (Imperial College London) , Maria A. Tsiamtsouri (University of Liverpool) , Simon Romani (University of Liverpool) , Philip A. Chater (Diamond Light Source) , Hongjun Niu (University of Liverpool) , Carlos Martí-Gastaldo (University of Liverpool) , Zhongling Xu (University of Liverpool) , Zengqiang Deng (University of Liverpool) , Yohann Bréard (Laboratoire CRISMAT) , Michael F. Thomas (University of Liverpool) , John B. Claridge (University of Liverpool) , Matthew J. Rosseinsky (University of Liverpool)
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Type: Journal Paper
Journal: Journal Of The American Chemical Society , VOL 135 (27) , PAGES 10114 - 10123

State: Published (Approved)
Published: July 2013

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Abstract: Complex transition-metal oxides are important functional materials in areas such as energy and information storage. The cubic ABO3 perovskite is an archetypal example of this class, formed by the occupation of small octahedral B-sites within an AO3 network defined by larger A cations. We show that introduction of chemically mismatched octahedral cations into a cubic perovskite oxide parent phase modifies structure and composition beyond the unit cell length scale on the B sublattice alone. This affords an endotaxial nanocomposite of two cubic perovskite phases with distinct properties. These locally B-site cation-ordered and -disordered phases share a single AO3 network and have enhanced stability against the formation of a competing hexagonal structure over the single-phase parent. Synergic integration of the distinct properties of these phases by the coherent interfaces of the composite produces solid oxide fuel cell cathode performance superior to that expected from the component phases in isolation.

Journal Keywords: Single Sublattice Endotaxial Phase Separation Driven By Charge Frustration In A Complex Oxide

Diamond Keywords: Fuel Cells

Subject Areas: Chemistry, Materials, Energy

Instruments: I11-High Resolution Powder Diffraction

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