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Hysteresis effect in FePd magnetic stripes studied by coherent soft X-ray resonant magnetic scattering

DOI: 10.1107/S090904950402309X DOI Help
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Authors: K Chesnel (ALS, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory,) , G. Van Der Laan (Daresbury Laboratory) , F. Livet (dLTPCM, ENSEEG-Domaine Universitaire) , Guillaume Beutier (CEA, INAC) , A Marty (DRFMC, CEA-Grenoble) , M Belakhovsky (DRFMC, CEA-Grenoble) , A Haznar (Daresbury Laboratory; Institute of Low Temperature and Structure Research of the Polish Academy of Sciences) , Steve Collins (Diamond Light Source)
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Type: Journal Paper
Journal: Journal Of Synchrotron Radiation , VOL 11 , PAGES 469-475

State: Published (Approved)
Published: November 2004

Abstract: An FePd thin film sample, showing magnetic stripe domains as imaged by magnetic force microscopy, has been measured by soft X-ray resonant magnetic scattering in reflection geometry. Illumination with coherent radiation, produced by inserting a 20 mum pinhole in front of the sample, leads to a magnetic speckle pattern in the scattered intensity that gives access to the domain morphology. Application of an in-plane magnetic field for a few seconds gives a strong change in the observed intensity fluctuations, which indicates a large degree of variation between the two patterns taken before and after field exposure. From the speckle pattern we calculate a degree of coherence of beta = 0.5 for the incident beam.

Journal Keywords: X-Ray Resonant Magnetic Scattering; Magnetic Speckle; Nanostructures.

Subject Areas: Physics

Facility: ESRF

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