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Novel Linear Transition Metal Clusters of a Heptadentate Bis-β-diketone Ligand

DOI: 10.1021/ic062075v DOI Help

Authors: Guillem Aromí (Leiden University, The Netherlands) , Patrick Gamez (Leiden University, The Netherlands) , J. Krzystek (Floride State, University, USA) , Huub Kooijman (Utrecht University, The Netherlands) , Anthony L. Spek (Utrecht University, The Netherlands) , Elizabeth J. Maclean (Diamond Light Source) , Simon J. Teat (Daresbury Laboratory, U.K.) , Harriott Nowell (Diamond Light Source)
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Type: Journal Paper
Journal: Inorganic Chemistry , VOL 46 (7) , PAGES 2519 - 2529

State: Published (Approved)
Published: February 2007

Abstract: The synthesis and the structure of the new potentially heptadentate ligand 1,3-bis-(3-oxo-3-(2-hydroxyphenyl)-propionyl)-2-methoxybenzene (H5L) is described. The reaction in pyridine or DMF of this ligand with various M(AcO)2 salts (M = NiII, CoII, MnII) leads to very different products depending on the metal. Thus, the dinuclear complexes [M2(H3L)2(py)4] (M = NiII, 1; CoII, 2) or the linear zigzag tetranuclear clusters [Mn4(H2L)2(AcO)2(py)5] (3) and [Mn4(H2L)2(AcO)2(dmf)4] (4) have been synthesized and characterized crystallographically. Slow oxidation of complex 3 leads to the formation of the novel mixed-valence linear complex [Mn3(HL)2(py)6] (5), displaying an unprecedented asymmetric MnIIIMnIIIMnII topology. The coordination geometry of complexes 1 to 5 has been analyzed and discussed by means of continuous shape measures. Magnetic measurements of 3 and 5 demonstrate that the metals within these complexes weakly interact magnetically with coupling constants of J1 = −1.13 cm-1 and J2 = −0.43 cm-1 (S = 0) for complex 3 and J1 = −5.4 cm-1 and J2 = −0.4 cm-1 (S = 5/2) for complex 5 (using the H = −Σ2JijSiSj convention). These results are consistent with X-band EPR measurements on these compounds.

Journal Keywords: Small Molecule Crystallography

Subject Areas: Chemistry, Materials

Facility: SRS and ALS

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