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Synthesis and characterisation of a new anion exchangeable layered hydroxyiodide

DOI: 10.1039/c4dt00123k DOI Help

Authors: Faye Y. Southworth (University of Liverpool, U.K.) , Claire Wilson (Diamond Light Source) , Simon J. Coles (University of Southampton, U.K.) , Andrew M. Fogg (University of Liverpool)
Co-authored by industrial partner: No

Type: Journal Paper
Journal: Dalton Transactions , VOL 43 (27) , PAGES 10451-10455

State: Published (Approved)
Published: February 2014
Diamond Proposal Number(s): 6916

Abstract: Lu4O(OH)9I·3H2O is a new member of the anion exchangeable lanthanide hydroxyanion family of materials which has been synthesised hydrothermally. Its structure comprises positively charged [Lu4O(OH)9(H2O)3]+ layers with exchangeable charge balancing iodide anions located in the interlayer gallery. It has been found to undergo facile anion exchange reactions with dicarboxylate anions such as succinate and terephthalate at room temperature but reacts less readily with disulfonate anions such as 1,5- and 2,6-naphthalenedisulfonate under the same conditions. At reaction temperatures above 200 °C the cationic inorganic framework Lu3O(OH)6I·2H2O forms instead of the layered phase.

Subject Areas: Chemistry, Materials

Instruments: I19-Small Molecule Single Crystal Diffraction

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Chemistry Materials Science Inorganic Chemistry

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Diffraction Single Crystal X-ray Diffraction (SXRD)