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Control of the superconducting properties of Sr2−xCaxVO3FeAs through isovalent substitution

DOI: 10.1016/j.jssc.2014.02.024 DOI Help

Authors: Alex Corkett (University of Oxford) , David Free (University of Oxford) , Simon Cassidy (University of Oxford; Diamond Light Source) , Silvia Ramos (Diamond Light Source) , Simon J. Clarke (University of Oxford)
Co-authored by industrial partner: No

Type: Journal Paper
Journal: Journal Of Solid State Chemistry , VOL 216 , PAGES 91 - 98

State: Published (Approved)
Published: August 2014

Abstract: The effect of the isovalent substitution of Sr2+ by Ca2+ on the structure and superconducting properties of Sr2?xCaxVO3FeAs is described in the compositional range 0?x?0.5. SQUID magnetometry measurements reveal that after an initial increase in Tc, which is maximised at 29.5 K in Sr1.95Ca0.05VO3FeAs, a rapid suppression of superconductivity is observed with increasing x. XANES spectra of Sr2?xCaxVO3FeAs collected on the Fe and V absorption K-edges show that the position of both edges are invariant with composition within the experimental uncertainty. A combination of synchrotron X-ray powder diffraction and neutron powder diffraction techniques is used to rationalise the observed changes in Tc with x, in terms of changes to the structure of the FeAs layer upon partial Ca substitution. These findings demonstrate that superconductivity in the Fe-based superconductors is extremely sensitive to the crystal structure with Tc maximised in samples with regular FeAs4-tetrahedra.

Journal Keywords: Absorption; Absorption Spectroscopy; Calcium Ions; Control; Crystal Structure; Iron Arsenides; Layers; Neutron Diffraction; Spectra; Squid Devices; Strontium Ions; Superconductivity; Superconductors; Transition Temperature; X-Ray Spectr

Subject Areas: Physics, Materials

Instruments: B18-Core EXAFS

Other Facilities: ID31 at ESRF; D2B at ILL

Added On: 29/10/2014 12:18

Discipline Tags:

Superconductors Quantum Materials Physics Physical Chemistry Hard condensed matter - structures Chemistry Materials Science Inorganic Chemistry

Technical Tags:

Spectroscopy X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy (XAS) X-ray Absorption Near Edge Structure (XANES)