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Magnetostrictive thin films for microwave spintronics

DOI: 10.1038/srep02220 DOI Help
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Authors: D. Parkes (University of Nottingham) , L. R. Shelford (Diamond Light Source) , P. Wadley (University of Nottingham) , V. HolĂ˝ (Charles University in Prague) , M. Wang (University of Nottingham) , A. Hindmarch (University of Nottingham) , G. Van Der Laan (Diamond Light Source) , R. P. Campion (University of Nottingham) , K. Edmonds (University of Nottingham) , S. A. Cavill (Diamond Light Source) , A. Rushforth (University of Nottingham)
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Type: Journal Paper
Journal: Scientific Reports , VOL 3 , PAGES 5803-5809

State: Published (Approved)
Published: July 2013

Open Access Open Access

Abstract: Multiferroic composite materials, consisting of coupled ferromagnetic and piezoelectric phases, are of great importance in the drive towards creating faster, smaller and more energy efficient devices for information and communications technologies. Such devices require thin ferromagnetic films with large magnetostriction and narrow microwave resonance linewidths. Both properties are often degraded, compared to bulk materials, due to structural imperfections and interface effects in the thin films. We report the development of epitaxial thin films of Galfenol (Fe81Ga19) with magnetostriction as large as the best reported values for bulk material. This allows the magnetic anisotropy and microwave resonant frequency to be tuned by voltage-induced strain, with a larger magnetoelectric response and a narrower linewidth than any previously reported Galfenol thin films. The combination of these properties make epitaxial thin films excellent candidates for developing tunable devices for magnetic information storage, processing and microwave communications.

Diamond Keywords: Spintronics; Ferromagnetism; Piezoelectricity; Data Storage

Subject Areas: Materials, Physics, Information and Communication Technology

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Surfaces Quantum Materials Multiferroics Physics Electronics Components & Micro-systems Information & Communication Technologies Magnetism Materials Science interfaces and thin films

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