Full-field TXM at Diamond-Manchester I13 Beamline

Authors: J. Vila-comamala (Diamond Light Source) , J. Bosgra (Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI)) , D. S. Eastwood (University of Manchester) , U. H. Wagner (Diamond Light Source) , A. J. Bodey (Diamond Light Source) , M. Garcia-fernandez (Diamond Light Source) , C. David (Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI)) , C. Rau (Diamond Light Source)
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State: Published (Approved)
Published: October 2014
Diamond Proposal Number(s): 11004

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Abstract: To date, full-field Transmission X-ray Microscopy (TXM) has shown to be a powerful method for obtaining quantitative internal structural and chemical information from materials at the nanoscale. The installation of a full-field TXM station will extend the current microtomographic capabilities of the Diamond-Manchester BL-I13 Beamline Imaging Branch at Diamond Light Source (UK) into the sub-100 nm spatial resolution range using photon energies from 8 to 15 keV. Preliminary full-field TXM experiments demonstrate a spatial resolution of about 50 nm in both transmission and Zernike phase contrast [3] modes at 8.3 keV photon energy, figure (a) to (c). The tomographic capabilities using Zernike phase contrast, figure (d) and (e), were tested using a Nickel particle from a solid oxide fuel cell (courtesy of R. Bradley, University of Manchester) and the fibres of a coir-based supercapacitor material (courtesy of C. P. Grey and N. Trease, University of Cambridge). The dedicated full-field TXM station will be b ilt in-house with the contributions of Diamond Light Source support divisions and in collaboration of the X- ray Optics Group of the Paul Scherrer Institut (Switzerland) developing state-of-the-art diffractive X-ray optical elements. The full-field TXM will become an important direct imaging asset for material science, energy science and biology at the nanoscale at the Diamond Light Source.

Subject Areas: Physics

Instruments: I13-2-Diamond Manchester Imaging

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