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Synthesis, AACVD and X-ray crystallographic structures of group 13 monoalkoxometallanes

DOI: 10.3233/MGC-2010-0002 DOI Help

Authors: Caroline Knapp (University College London) , Leah Pemberton (University College London) , Claire Carmault (University College London) , David Pugh (University College London) , Paul Mcmillan (University College London) , Sarah Barnett (Diamond Light Source) , Derek A. Tocher (University College London)
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Type: Journal Paper
Journal: Main Group Chemistry , VOL 9 , PAGES 31-40

State: Published (Approved)
Published: March 2010

Abstract: The group 13 monoalkoxometallanes [Me_{2}Ga(OC(CH_{3})_{2}CH_{2}OMe)]_{2} (1) and [Me_{2}In(OCH(CH_{3})CH_{2}OMe)]_{2} (2), incorporating donor functionalised alkoxides, were synthesised from the reaction of GaMe_{3} or InMe_{3} with ROH (R=C(CH_{3})_{2}CH_{2}OMe (1); R=CH(CH_{3})CH_{2}OMe (2)) in toluene. X-ray crystallography showed that both compounds adopt dimeric structures with a planar M_{2}O_{2} ring, and each group 13 atom is coordinated in a distorted trigonal bipyramidal geometry. The AACVD reaction of GaMe_{3} and ROH (R =C(CH_{3})_{2}CH_{2}OMe, CH_{2}CH_{2}OMe, CH_{2}CH_{2}NMe_{2}) resulted in the formation of thin films of Ga_{2}O_{3} on glass substrates at 450°C. The gallium oxide films were analyzed by scanning electron microscopy, X-ray powder diffraction, energy dispersive analysis of X-rays, wavelength dispersive analysis of X-rays and X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy. This CVD technique offers a rapid, convenient route to Ga_{2}O_{3}, which involves the in situ formation of dimethylgallium alkoxides, of the type [Me_{2}Ga(?-OR)]_{2} similar to compound 1.

Journal Keywords: Gallium Alkoxide; Indium Alkoxide; Synthesis; Cvd

Subject Areas: Chemistry

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