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Imaging in real and reciprocal space at the Diamond beamline I13

DOI: 10.1063/1.4937541 DOI Help

Authors: Christoph Rau (Diamond Light Source) , Ulrich Wagner (Diamond Light Source) , Joan Vila-comamala (Diamond Light Source) , Andrew Bodey (Diamond Light Source) , Aaron Parsons (Diamond Light Source) , M. García-fernández (Diamond Light Source) , Alberto De Fanis (Diamond Light Source) , Zoran Pesic (Diamond Light Source)
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Type: Conference Paper
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State: Published (Approved)
Published: January 2016

Abstract: The Diamond Imaging and Coherence beamline I13 consists of two independent branchlines for imaging in real and reciprocal space. Different microscopies are available providing a range of spatial resolution from 5µm to potentially 5nm. The beamline operates in the energy range of 6-35keV covering different scientific areas such as biomedicine, materials science and geophysics. Several original devices have been developed at the beamline, such as the EXCALIBUR photon counting detector and the combined robot arms for coherent X-ray diffraction.

Journal Keywords: Coherence imaging; Diamond; Reciprocal space; Biomedical microscopy; Coherence

Subject Areas: Physics

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