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Simulations of multi-contrast x-ray imaging using near-field speckles

DOI: 10.1063/1.4937510 DOI Help

Authors: Marie- Christine Zdora (Diamond Light Source) , Pierre Thibault (University College London (UCL)) , Julia Herzen (Technische Universität München) , Franz Pfeiffer (Technische Universität München) , Irene Zanette (Diamond Light Source)
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Type: Conference Paper
Conference: XRM 2014
Peer Reviewed: No

State: Published (Approved)
Published: January 2016

Abstract: X-ray dark-field and phase-contrast imaging using near-field speckles is a novel technique that overcomes limitations inherent in conventional absorption x-ray imaging, i.e. poor contrast for features with similar density. Speckle-based imaging yields a wealth of information with a simple setup tolerant to polychromatic and divergent beams, and simple data acquisition and analysis procedures. Here, we present a simulation software used to model the image formation with the speckle-based technique, and we compare simulated results on a phantom sample with experimental synchrotron data. Thorough simulation of a speckle-based imaging experiment will help for better understanding and optimising the technique itself.

Journal Keywords: x-ray microscopy; phase-contrast imaging; dark-field imaging; near-field speckles; wavefront simulations; synchrotron radiation

Subject Areas: Physics, Technique Development

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