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Novel Methods for Hard X-ray Holographic Lensless Imaging

DOI: 10.1017/S1431927616001409 DOI Help

Authors: M. Saliba (University of Zürich; Diamond Light Source) , J. Bosgra (Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI)) , A. D. Parsons (Diamond Light Source) , U. H. Wagner (Diamond Light Source) , C. Rau (Diamond Light Source) , P. Thibault (Diamond Light Source; University of Southampton)
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Type: Journal Paper
Journal: Microscopy And Microanalysis , VOL 22 , PAGES 110 - 111

State: Published (Approved)
Published: July 2016

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Abstract: Holography is a coherent imaging method that provides complex-valued reconstructions of the wave field at the exit of a sample by virtue of the interference between the scattered sample wave and a reference wave [1]. Fourier transform holography (FTH) is a robust and reliable method where reconstructions are obtained by a single Fourier transform, owing to a nearby point-scatterer whose transmission function is approximated to a delta function [2]. Hence, the total autocorrelation function includes the cross-correlation between the sample function and the delta-like reference function, leading to two separated twin images of the sample. Holographic techniques emerged using different types of reference structures such as extended references [3] (slits, corner apertures, etc.), uniformly redundant arrays, and customised references [4]. Such methods have been successfully implemented using soft X-rays [2,3,4,5]. However, for hard X-rays, the fabrication of high-resolution fully absorbing reference masks is almost impossible. Therefore, high-resolution holographic diffraction imaging with hard X-rays requires a solution to the fabrication limitations. Furthermore, for an absorbing mask, most methods have also employed a “monolithic” frame [5] where the reference and sample are bound on the same substrate. This limits the flexibility of the setup and inhibits independent translation and rotation.

Subject Areas: Technique Development, Physics

Instruments: I13-1-Coherence

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