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Ultrafast x-ray diffraction studies of the phase transitions and equation of state of scandium shock compressed to 82 GPa

DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevLett.118.025501 DOI Help

Authors: R. Briggs (University of Edinburgh) , M. G. Gorman (University of Edinburgh) , A. l. Coleman (University of Edinburgh) , R. s. Mcwilliams (University of Edinburgh) , E. e. Mcbride (European XFEL) , D. Mcgonegle (University of Oxford) , J. s. Wark (University of Oxford) , L. Peacock (Atomic Weapons Establishment) , S. Rothman (Atomic Weapons Establishment) , S. g. Macleod (Atomic Weapons Establishment) , C. a. Bolme (Los Alamos National Laboratory) , A. e. Gleason (Los Alamos National Laboratory) , G. w. Collins (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory) , J. h. Eggert (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory) , D. e. Fratanduono (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory) , R. f. Smith (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory) , E. Galtier (SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory) , E. Granados (SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory) , H. j. Lee (SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory) , B. Nagler (SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory) , I. Nam (SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory) , Z. Xing (SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory) , M. I. Mcmahon (University of Edinburgh)
Co-authored by industrial partner: Yes

Type: Journal Paper
Journal: Physical Review Letters , VOL 118

State: Published (Approved)
Published: January 2017
Diamond Proposal Number(s): 13620

Abstract: Using x-ray diffraction at the Linac Coherent Light Source x-ray free-electron laser, we have determined simultaneously and self-consistently the phase transitions and equation of state (EOS) of the lightest transition metal, scandium, under shock compression. On compression scandium undergoes a structural phase transition between 32 and 35 GPa to the same bcc structure seen at high temperatures at ambient pressures, and then a further transition at 46 GPa to the incommensurate host-guest polymorph found above 21 GPa in static compression at room temperature. Shock melting of the host-guest phase is observed between 53 and 72 GPa with the disappearance of Bragg scattering and the growth of a broad asymmetric diffraction peak from the high-density liquid.

Journal Keywords: Pressure effects; Free-electron lasers; X-ray diffraction

Subject Areas: Physics, Materials

Instruments: I15-Extreme Conditions

Other Facilities: SLAC

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Physics Hard condensed matter - structures Materials Science

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