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Melaminium lanthanide oxalate coordination compounds – synthesis and structural varieties

DOI: 10.1002/zaac.201700299 DOI Help

Authors: Liana Vella-Zarb (University of Malta; Newcastle University) , Ulrich Baisch (University of Malta; Newcastle University)
Co-authored by industrial partner: No

Type: Journal Paper
Journal: Zeitschrift Für Anorganische Und Allgemeine Chemie , VOL 643 , PAGES 1712 - 1716

State: Published (Approved)
Published: November 2017
Diamond Proposal Number(s): 6749

Abstract: A crystal engineering approach affords novel crystalline ionic coordination networks occurring in two different compositions. [C3H7N6]6[Ln(C2O4)4][NO3] (1) (Ln = Dy, Ho), which is isostructural to its ytterbium homologue and [C3H7N6][Ln(C2O4)2(H2O)] (2) (Ln = Ce, Gd). The crystal structure of 1 is based on the interaction between isolated monomeric building-blocks of [Ln(C2O4)4]5– and melaminium cations. The melaminium cations form parallel layers, in which the lanthanide oxalato anion is intercalated. On the other hand, 2 consists of a 2D framework of interconnected lanthanide oxalate units with isolated melaminium cations intercalated between the metal complex layers.

Journal Keywords: Lanthanides; Chelates; Crystal engineering; Melamineoxalates

Subject Areas: Chemistry, Materials

Instruments: I19-Small Molecule Single Crystal Diffraction

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Chemistry Materials Science Metal-Organic Frameworks Metallurgy Organometallic Chemistry

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Diffraction Single Crystal X-ray Diffraction (SXRD)