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Coherence branch at I13, DLS: The multiscale, multimodal, ptycho-tomographic end station

DOI: 10.1017/S1431927618012631 DOI Help

Authors: D. Batey (Diamond Light Source) , S. Cipiccia (Diamond Light Source; University of Strathclyde) , X. Shi (Diamond Light Source) , S. Williams (Diamond Light Source) , K. Wanelik (Diamond Light Source) , A. Wilson (Diamond Light Source) , S. Perez-tamarit (University of Valladolid) , P. Cimavilla (University of Valladolid) , M. A. Ródriguez-pérez (University of Valladolid) , C. Rau (Diamond Light Source)
Co-authored by industrial partner: No

Type: Conference Paper
Conference: 14th International Conference on X-ray Microscopy (XRM2018)
Peer Reviewed: No

State: Published (Approved)
Published: August 2018

Abstract: We present here a multiscale, multimodal, end station at the Coherence Branch, I13, at the Diamond Light Source (DLS). The core modality of the beamline is x-ray ptychography, which combines coherent diffraction imaging (CDI) with scanning transmission x-ray microscopy STXM to produce quantitative electron density maps of extended samples at the nanoscale. The Coherence Branch is a hard x-ray beamline (6-30keV) with a large lateral coherence length and spacious experimental hutch. It is uniquely placed for the ptychographic imaging of samples across the length scales (from nanometres to millimetres), in varying modalities (from transmission to Bragg), and with the flexibility to map additional signals, such as XRF, giving way to elemental mapping.

Subject Areas: Technique Development

Instruments: I13-1-Coherence , I13-2-Diamond Manchester Imaging